Life Has Been Buzzy!


Like I don’t have enough hobbies and animals to take care of, I decided I must try to do my part and save the honey bee too.  🙂  Due to pesticides and other things we are losing honey bee colonies at an alarming rate and without them, who will pollinate a great deal of our food?

I started on this crusade last Autumn.   Joined my community Beekeeper’s Association and then attended day long classes to learn more.  I also found a mentor at the Beekeeper’s meetings who has been a blessing, so much to learn.


Students at the beekeeping class were encouraged to not wear gloves when working the bees.  🙂  This takes nerves of steel at first but then you find it not so bad.  It slows you down witch helps the bees not to be nerves.


No, this is not an alien, it’s me all geared up at class.  🙂  Crazy Right?

I spent the Winter pouring over Beekeeping catalogs, yes there is such a thing, and I purchased my hives and other necessary tools and protective clothing.


Well Spring finally arrived and it’s time to start new colonies.  These are my hives right after I installed a 3 pound package of bees in each one.  Just envision that.  Now, just how many bees do you think that is?   Well, it is around 9,000 bees per hive!  That’s just to start the colonies.

I was quite nervous, but pulled my big girl panties up and put all those bees in the hives by myself.    I’ve been asked if I filmed this process, HECK NO!  I had to put every bit of my brain power into what I was doing.  Remember this was my first time.

You might want to know why there are different colors on my hives, well, bees see color and it helps them distinguish  which hive is theirs.    They don’t see red, orange and purple as true colors they see them as black so I chose So Saffron and Pear Pizzazz (it’s a sickness to see all colors as Stampin’ Up! colors) to paint a couple of my hive boxes in.  You really don’t want your bees bouncing from one hive to another so they don’t spread viruses, mites, etc. from one colony to another.

I am happy to report the bees are doing well so far.  Hopefully we will see lots of bee babies soon as the colonies grow.

Wishing you a beautiful and productive day!

Huge Hugs,


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.43.24 AM

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16 thoughts on “Life Has Been Buzzy!

  1. Patricia Owens

    Awesome! Congratulations too for taking on this so important task and helping to feed all of us. I for one really appreciate it! And….. you get to have the wonderful Honey!


  2. Jaycee Cooper

    Thank you so much for starting the bee colony. It’s the little people who can make a big difference sometimes. My hat’s off to you!


  3. Nancy C

    Michelle, you’re amazing. It concerns me that bees are becoming fewer every year. I never saw one honey be last summer, and obviously, neither did my garden. Thanks for starting new colonies. Wish you lived in N.C.!! Oh well, best wishes on your new adventure.


  4. Claudia

    Kudos to you, Michelle. I am very concerned about what is happening to our planet, and if what would happen without our wonderful honey bees – you are an inspiration!


  5. Jennifer M

    This is great, Michelle! Have you ever considered blogging about all of your other interests (such as this), the chickens/hens and your love of vegetable gardening and canning? I look forward to your posts in these areas as well. :c)


  6. cece

    I love your chickens and now bees. Keep us up to date. Like your first jar of honey. I stopped drinking coffee and now have honey and lemon in the morning. I have seen benefits.


  7. Hi Michelle! I am so happy that you are helping our honeybee population. This is such an important undertaking. Thank you for doing this. Do you remember staying with me in Elizabethtown, KY? We are pretty close to Clarkson, which has a huge beekeeping supply company and an annual bee festival. I can’t wait to learn more about your beekeeping adventures!


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