My Stampin’ Up Stamp Storage – A glimps into my world, part II


Ah, a view of my wall of shame, lol.  I’m a stamp junkie, I confess!   I have around 250 Stampin’ Up sets at this time.  I have sold over 100 sets just last month.  Sets that were wonderful, but were definitely not my style.  That’s right I have a style now.  How liberating it is to be able to say that.

I store my stamps on their sides in Alphabetical order on shelves I put up on one wall of my craft-room.  The bottom shelf has wire baskets hanging from them that store my ribbon.

Anyway, storing my stamps on their sides gives me much easier access to them.  I’ve heard that if you store your stamps this way the rubber may slide off of the mount, but I have not had this happen to me.  The shelves are away from any heat source.  There is a window in the room but it is North facing and the sun does not shine directly on them.  I have stored my stamps on their sides for over five years now.

When I get a new set I catalog it in my binder by copying the sticker sheet and place it in a sheet protector in the binder.


They are put in the binder alphbetically too.  I didn’t want to put them in categories.  I thought that would hurt my creativity to use stamps in unexpected ways.  The binder is very easy to flip through. 

One more thing, I keep an Excel spreadsheet with the stamp set names in Alphabetical order.  I started this when friends would want to come over to stamp and wanted to prepare for a project ahead of time.  I would just e-mail them my stamp list and they could pick a set out to work with.  This list also keeps me in tune to exactly how many sets I have.

I’ve started collecting a large selection of unmounted stamps too, but that is another’s days topic, lol.

I hope your day is filled with abundance!

Until tomorrow, Michelle

A Small Glimpse Into My World


Oh, it’s not fancy, but it’s functional, lol.   This is a glimpse of my desk in my craft room.  I call it the craft room because I have many hobbies.   Can you tell I like to have my coloring tools very, very near me when I’m working.  Prismacolor Pencils on left in a bucket, ink pads straight ahead, markers to the right.

Today I thought I would just show you how I have my Prismacolor markers organized.  I just bought this set off of e-bay for a very good price.  Set of 156 markers for $225.  They didn’t come with the rack to put them in, but that’s ok.  I had my son make me a cubby hole set up, which works wonderfully.


So now I have all of my markers in one place.  Each cubby hole for the Prismacolor markers has a tag at the top telling the number range for the markers in that particular cubby.  Makes finding a marker much easier.

Now, if you know me, you know I’m a visual person.  So I cataloged each marker, so I can quickly find a color.


I just printed out a list of the Prismacolor marker numbers and colored a stripe of that color next to it.

Hope this glimpse didn’t scare anyone.  Like I said, not fancy, but functional!

Hope your day is bright with color.

Woohoo! New Rubber!


Well, I’ve went on a little spending spree as you can see.  One of my favorite new places to shop for rubber is Cornish Heritage Farms, here is the link, if you would like to check it out

I love realistic stamps and they have them!

Anywhoo, I’ll be spending the morning cataloging my new purchases. 

I keep a large 3″ binder that has page protectors in it and a scanned pic of all my stamps in it.  When I get new Stampin’ Up stamps I scan the sticker sheet before assembling my stamps. 

I keep them organized in the binder by manufacturer.  My Stampin’ Up stamps are alpha order in the binder and the stamps themselves are stored on shelfs in alpa order.

My mind doesn’t do well in an unorganized environment, so I keep my craft room very organized.  I also clean up after each project so I can start anew with a clean slate, so to say.

Have a wonderfully colorful day!