Ribbon – A Glimpse Into My World – Part III


There is no rhyme or reason to my ribbon storage, but I find it functional.  Of course, I don’t have the collection of ribbon that some of you have!  You know who you are too, lol.

My ribbon is not sorted by color or kind it just finds itself on these wire racks that I got from Walmart 5 years ago.  They hang from the bottom shelf that my stamps are stored on.  I have four of them.


I should really sort it by color, but there are cards to be made and a blog to update.  Important stuff!


I could have at least straighten them up before share with you, lol.  I’m just keeping it real!

Now below is a picture of some of my ribbon by the yard.  I found these holders, also at Walmart, that have these cute little clips to keep the ribbon on them.  I just put a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie it to keep the group together.  Again, no rhyme or reason to color, etc.


So lets hear from you.  How do you keep your ribbon stored?  Leave a comment or even better yet a link in the comments section so we can check it out!

Have a colorful day!

Until tomorrow. . . . . . .

22 thoughts on “Ribbon – A Glimpse Into My World – Part III

  1. Well your storage looks pretty good to me! I have not found something yet that works for me. Tried the SU ribbon storage things and they do NOT work at all (for me). I looked at those notched chipboard things that are made for ribbon storage, but most of my ribbon comes in rather long lengths on the rolls and its too much to wind around those. So mostly its lying all over the place and is thrown in boxes and I go digging if I need something.


  2. UGH !!! If it’s one thing I can’t stand is my ribbon storage… I have it in boxes, in bags, and wound around the wierdest things. I always look at it and say I have to get it organized but just never do…Maybe I will add ribbon organization to my spring cleaning list !!!


  3. Liz

    I just posted a “craft spaces” post on my blog. If you scroll down through the pics I show my ribbon storage idea. Love you tutorials. Your stuff is really good.


  4. Kay

    Ribbon storage would be an oxymoron for me – ribbon thrown together in a drawer that gets all tangled up and means I can never find what I am looking for would be a better description.
    I’m still looking for a system that works for me…


  5. Ann C.

    I love your tutorials! As for ribbon storage, short lengths under 3-4 yds, I wind up in a little roll and put in mayonnaise jars by color. They are on a shelf on the wall. I just like looking at the rainbow…it makes me happy! I keep big full rolls stacked up on the shelf and when the length gets smaller, wind them up too and into my rainbow jars they go! I don’t wind them on clothespins or anything. It wouldn’t all fit in the jars if I did.


  6. Montannie

    OOh! I have some of those baskets — I used to use them in the laundry but now have another “system” there and have freed these up. I couldn’t get rid of them, and now, they’ll have a use! Thanks for posting this.

    My current “system” is no system at all — throw them in a drawer, put them in a jar, toss them on the table, etc.


  7. I use shoe orginzer for my ribbon it seems to work pretty well. Yes they are put in each holder a cording to sorten colors. I don’t have alot of ribbon last time I counted I only had 100 spools. I mostly use white and so I really don’t need alot of space. I really should widen my horizen and use it more and in more colors.


  8. Heidi

    I am so happy with my ribbon storage for several reasons. First of all, it was completely free. I took the clear plastic container that I bought my fresh spinach in at Sam’s Club (washed it out of course). I’m sure you can use a plastic shoe box too. I took scrap chipboard from the back of legal pads or writing pads and cut them in 2 3/4″ x 11″ strips. Cut them to whatever length fits into your box. I taped the end of the ribbon to the chipboard and began neatly winding it around the chipboard and taped or pinned the end when I was done winding it. I took the next ribbon and lined it up right next to the last one and filled the card with coordinating ribbon. I did this while watching TV – mindless work. I went from having a huge plastic tote filled with all my ribbon on the paper spools they came on, (the paper spools take up so much room) to having this small box that is neatly organized, clearly visible, fits on a shelf, keeps the ribbon straight and tangle-free, is easy to transport the entire box, etc. I just couldn’t see spending so much money on ribbon storage when I’d rather spend the money on ribbon. You can never have enough ribbon!!!


  9. Becky

    I am new, so I do not have alot of ribbon. What I do have I keep in a clear tote with handle. from Walmart, even tho I am new, I have read enough to know to keep my supplies small and use all I have, because newer and better things come along.


  10. I store my “current” ribbons in the SU storage racks, and put all retired and miscellaneous ribbons in Iris drawer cases. I do have one huge crate of a lot of misc. ribbons I have collected .. and that just sits by the desk to be used at will! Can’t have enough colors, designs or styles of ribbons!! Connie


  11. Tonniece

    LOL organize? I need alot more room before that can happen. I stumble over everything to get at my supplies.
    Great holders from Wal Mart though, and some great ideas from the other ladies also.


  12. I finally transformed a drawer full of spools to neatly hung ribbons on tabs I got at ribbonring.com and it’s amazing how much simpler it is! Now that they’re out in the open, I can find what I need immediately. The empty drawer filled up fast (lol)!


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