A Glimpse Into My World – Part IV

First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that comes to visit my little blog.  I’m amazed at how kind and supportive everyone has been with their comments.  This week my blog counter, in the less than 2 months, has reached 40,000 amazing! 


Here is yet another little glimpse at my craft-room. This is how I store my punches.  They seem rather neglected of late.  I may have to get them out to play soon.


I use an over the door shoe holder that I purchased from Wal-mart.  Thrifty solution, I think.  I use to have them in drawers and would have to rummage through them to find the one I needed.  Now, thanks to the see through netting on the shoe holder, I can clearly see them.  I do need to reorganize them and put the small punches on the top and the largest on the bottom.  It would be easier to see the smaller ones that way, don’t you think? 

This holder was also a good solution to use for me since I have very little wall space available.  The door is usually open and they are hidden away behind the door.

I would be interested and so would other readers as to how you store your punches.  So, please leave a comment and let us all know.  A link to a photo would even be better if you have it.

Have a super day!

Until tomorrow. . . . . . . . 

18 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into My World – Part IV

  1. Tonniece

    Well I don’t have many punches, so my input is nil. They are in a drawer at the moment, but I like to see / hear how others store their supplies.

    Happy Friday


  2. Great minds think a like!!! I have the exact same holder on the back of my door!!!
    Now if my cards could be great like yours!! Now that would be something. Cynthia


  3. LateBlossom

    I have lots of punches (around 70 last count) in a Target cube three-drawer thingy under my desk. Some of the larger ones are on top of the cube, one drawer has circles, one drawer has nature, and the bottom has corner/tag/miscellaneous shapes. All I have to do is bend over and open a drawer. Works for me!

    Love your blog and am so glad the recent thread on SCS directed me here!


  4. Conniecrafter

    Mine are in the plastic drawers from target too, I have three drawers filled. I also have my border punches from Fiskars in a shoe holder like that.


  5. Cindy H.

    Love your punch organization! All of my craft things are in plastic drawers. My punches take up 4 of the drawers. I only have a corner of a large room for my craft things. Not much room – too many things!


  6. I have my punches in several drawers out of sight and I’m interested to see & hear how other people store theirs. I’m looking for a more visible storage solution because I have bought the same punch a few times!
    I really like the idea of the “behind the door” storage BUT I’m concerned about the weight on this shoe hanger. Please keep us updated on how this is working for you – my feeling is that it would stretch over time and drag behind the door and possibly come apart at the seams?
    Have you seen the narrow shelving or even towel bars that you can install on the wall space behind your door? My dad is coming out for a visit and I may have him build something (on the wall behind the door) to house my wheels and punches. If so I’ll be sure to share that!


  7. Kay

    Another shoe holder/punch storer vote. Mine is clear vinyl rather than netting and is hung in the closet rather than over the door but it is pretty full (including several heavy Marvy scallop punches) and no problems with it coming apart at the seams ……… yet!


  8. Kathy Ness

    Hey Michelle,
    congratulations of the gina k. design team. I check your blog regularly and always enjoy your creations. You really do have wonderful talent.

    Best of Luck!!



  9. Impy

    i have done the same thing that you have for your punches, several months ago … HOWEVER I just was in a scrapping store and they had taken this idea to the next level. They had slipped a piece of white cardstock into the back of each slot (sits behind the punches) and it sticks up above the pocket and on it they had punched out in black paper the actual punch design and pasted it to the top of the white cardstock. It is MUCH easier to see where your punches are. I just love it. I would put a pix but I don’t know how! ha!


  10. Susan

    I have seen a display of a curtain hangar where the punches sit by handle on it and against the wall. Usually the shape is displayed on top of the punch, but punching one out and displaying behind helps, and if you put it back in the same place always, and you lend it out or misplace it, it would remind you what to look for.

    I have a book that a friend gave me, that isn’t too large, but in it, it has sections to put samples of colors, punches, stamps, marker pens etc. that I have so I could take it with me shopping to refer to and then not duplicate, or duplicate if needed. It is called the Stamping Companion by B & B Printing Graphics. Takes some effort to keep it up tho.

    Love your work Michelle!! Fabulous!


  11. Kerry from PA

    I have as many of my punches as I can fit in a shoe holder very similar to the one you have. The rest are in rubbermaid-type containers. I guess I need another door (or I could just get rid of some of the punches I never use ?!?!?!?).


  12. Dorrie

    I recently moved to a smaller space in my house but I love it. I was too spread out before. I used to store my punches in two shoe holders like you have and my ribbons were in a box. When I moved I put my ribbons in an over-the-door shelving unit so I could see what I have. I don’t have enough doors for the 2 shoe holders in this room and switched to the towel bars from IKEA other had mentioned on SCS for the larger punches and the magnetic utensil holder for the smaller punches, also mentioned on SCS. I added magnets to my embellishment containers and stuck them on a magnetic board. Now everything is out so I can see what I have and actually use it and most of it is at arms reach. Good luck with your new room. It’s so nice to move into a freshly painted, organized room. In your case, I can see you are already very organized.


  13. Reba

    I was going thru the tip section of your website and found how you store your punches and I have stored mine this way for quite some time now.It works quite well much better than anything I had tried before.


  14. Paulette S in MO

    Michelle, I love your cards! I know this is an old post on the storage of your punches. Thats a ton of weight with the punches on a (hollow) core door, over time may distort the door itself or make it sag. It’s like having too many trinkets on your key chain, the weight is so bad for the starter of your car, my DH works in car service and deals with this prob all the time. LOL I used to have my large EK and SU punches that I use all the time in a box on my work space, but I’ve run out of room with my die cut machines on my work surface too, so I’ve invested in some plastic storage units from HLobby on sale, (12×12) drawers in a unit of 3 drawers, and like them better-they have little catches so the drawers don’t fall out, the drawers are just a tad taller than the punches. I can pull the drawer out and see what I need to grab or take the whole drawer to my work space. I have one drawer just for edge punches, one for small punches and misc. punches. I do also have the white storage units from Michael’s, the drawers hold a lot, but that also means a lot of weight for one drawer for me to be handling with some back and neck vertebrae and disc issues,and they have lids, so the whole thing has to be pulled out to extract your tools; love them for my die storage and rubber stamp storage. The MStewart punches are a bit taller and won’t work unless I lay them on their sides, so I have them standing on end in a very sturdy frozen Lasagna tray, and used permanent marker to write what they are between the levers so I can tell at a quick glance while they are standing up. Eventually they will have to find a better place. I really like the towel rod hanger, but I don’t have the wall space for it and is probably a good thing because my craft area is drywall over panelling, so the weight probably wouldn’t be good there either for an extended period of time. But we’re always looking at better ways to store so we have more creative space and there never seems to be enough of either. LOL


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