A Glimps Into My World – Unmounted Stamp Storage


What’s this you see?  A container full of non-Stampin’ Up unmounted stamps?  I know, I know, I know, I am a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator and love, love their stamps and other products, but I have this sickness that I just cannot find a cure for, lol.    I find myself looking at and buying unmounted stamps from all kinds of places and sources.   I rarely use them and they are pretty much stashed away most of the time, but I still find myself adding to them, slowly but surely.

Now for the reason I made this post.  I use Innovative Stamp Creations Stamps in my workshops, they are unmounted and the images are so yummy!   I am asked at least once every trip “how do you store your unmounted stamps”.   Well, I have this container that has been around forever and ever and ever.  It has once housed my Acrylic paints, then my Cross Stitch supplies, then my watercolor supplies, then my pastel supplies, it just goes on and on.    Now, of course, it is housing my unmounted stamps.  I believe I purchased this container 20 or so years ago so I have no idea if you can still find one like it.  It is on wheels, has three stacking containers of varying heights and has a lid that I has long since been lost.  The three stacking containers have latches on them so they snap together and it is very, very sturdy.  The above photo is the unit all together and it shows how I put a letter size hanging file frame in the top container with hanging files and I keep my largest baggies in there.   If the stamps did not come in cellophane with a reference sheet I stick the stamps to a transparancy sheet and then store them in baggies and and make a reference sheet to go in the baggie with them.

Below is the middle container, no hanging files, there is enough stamps in there that they all stay upright and I store them in the packaging that they came in by vendor.

UPDATE:  One of my wonderful readers told me you can purchase this container at this link:


It is called the Busy Box and retails for $39.95


The bottom container is the shortest and is great for those small packages that just have one stamp in them.  They are also stored in the packaging that they came in. 

Note:  Every image I own is put on a reference sheet and placed in a binder for easy browsing.  🙂


As I look at all of these great images, plus my hundreds of Stampin’ Up stamps, a voice inside me says “Mickey, there is no possible way you will live long enough to use all the images you have”.  My inner voice calls me by my nickname, lol.  

Than in the next instant that inner voice says “Mickey, let’s go shopping for more”.  I like my inner voice.  🙂

May your day today be full of excess.

Until my next post. . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

Huge Hugs,


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Link to my Stampin’ Up website were you can order all of your must have Stampin’ Up products from me 24-7:  http://michellezindorf.stampinup.net

Frequently asked questions answers:  http://zindorf.blogs.splitcoaststampers.com/frequently-asked-questions/

24 thoughts on “A Glimps Into My World – Unmounted Stamp Storage

  1. Lucy

    Hi Michelle
    I think your inner voice has got a little brother, ’cause mine is just like yours. I love it, too!
    Have a nice weekend,


  2. I think those inner voices are a chorus. I’ve inventoried my collection – counting every image (mounted, unmounted, cling mounted, clear) I’ve got 8000 of the suckers (and I don’t even stamp for a living! (I’m an IT Analyst). EEEeeek!
    So, not only do I have a fabulous collection – I have the best husband for humouring me!
    Thanks Michelle, for getting those artistic juices flowing – I love your work!


  3. Sue Gundersen

    I put a sock in the mouth of that voice!
    I’m stockpiling rubber (and supplies) so I’ll have plenty to do when I retire and can’t afford to buy anything… everyone will get cards instead of gifts! ha
    Thanks for sharing your stamp storage organization.


  4. My inner voice sounds like yours. Last time when I was counting my stamps, I stop counting on 3000 and I was thinking it’s too much. Now I have old room with new craft furniture and I still have lots of space for new stamps, so keep on shopping girls ;-D
    My best regards from Finland.


  5. Joanne Valente

    Before I started visiting your blog, I didn’t have any unmounted rubber stamps. but alas, your inner voice spoke to my inner voice and “BAM”, a year later, I have 4 plastic organizers full of unmounted stamps. I have grown to love them. They are easy to store and the make pretty darn good images – plus they are so much cheaper than wood-mounted. If I have the choice, I go with unmounted, so I can get even more stamps!!! My collection is over 4000 now I believe. Vicious cycle ain’t it???(ROFL) Hey in the end, we are all artists and an artists mind is always thinking about the next piece of artwork, so I shout to us all. KEEP COLLECTING AND KEEP CREATING!


  6. Mel

    Michelle – you are not alone. My friend and I say that stamping is not a hobby but an addiction. When my oldest son moved out to fullfill his own artistic addiction (he is a muscian), I was so sad to see him go – but so loved the found space of my new Studio. As always, I love the inspiration you send out to so many. I am always greatful.
    Have a great weekend!!!


  7. Its weird how your voice sounds like mine! I’m a stampin up demonstrator too and have enough stamps from that company but other stamps “call” to me. They actually call my name, weird, lol!


  8. Karen

    Wow. Oh how I would LOVE to grab a cup of coffee and just spend the day browsing through your stamps! Ok, so perhaps I would need more than one cup of coffee. 🙂
    What fun!


  9. Carol Dee

    OMG …I am so glad I am not alone! I have so many stamps I always say NO MORE, then I look and can’t seem to help myself and beforeI know it I have added to my ADDICTION. I do tend to hord…LOL…Too many have never even seen ink !!! Have a wonderful Friday, HUGS…


  10. nancy

    Yep, it is an addiction, we are all enablers too!!

    Love your stuff, did your Marcos thing beginning of summer, who am I kidding…have we had a summer???

    Keep on keepin on, we will all keep the economy goin’!!! Haaaaa!!!


  11. Janice W.

    You are so funny!!! I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my addiction for all things rubber. Thank you so much for such wonderful information you supply on your blog.


  12. kathy

    As I read your blog, I was thinking that we had the same inner voice; after reading a few of your comments, I see that our inner voice talks to alot of OCD stampers! Yes, it is an addiction but it’s one I don’t want to be cured of! Plus, I live alone and am retired so I have nobody to make me stop and I can have my stamps anywhere I want to put them [but, so far, they are all still in one room]. I love your blog and wish I could afford to attend your classes in Castro Valley, California; I sure need help mastering my brayer-ugh!


  13. Hi Michelle aka Mickey. Just admit it. We are all sick women who are obsessed with rubber! lol!!! But it’s the best addiction to have and we are not alone!! Thanks for sharing all your awesome tips.


  14. Sandy K

    So, most of us have that little voice and, most of us listen to it! I have four container similar to your full. I have shelfs of SU stamps full. I have lots of CD cases, full as well as the 6-8 drawer rolling units full. It is an addition, a real sickness. My take is I buy it now while I have the money and probably won’t when and if I ever get to retire. Like Monica, my husband humors me too! Men like tools, we like stamps and stamp tools! You go girls!!!


  15. I just love your writing! How funny that your inner voice uses your nickname. Come to think of it, mine does too. I think your inner voice has it right: shop stamps! hehehe

    Love your work & this great storage solution is going to come in handy, Thank You! :O)


  16. julie

    Whew! It’s so nice to know I’m not the only SU demonstrator to who buys from other companies. I’ve made peace with my purchases by realizing I can’t outgrow them like clothes, they don’t collect mold like leftover food which has to be tossed, and I can make old stamps new again just by stamping them in new in colors! I’ve already told my kids where to donate them when I’m no longer in this world.


  17. Oh man am I in trouble! I can’t believe what I’m reading. Thousands of stamps? Holy cow, I just started collecting stamps in April, this is all so new to me. I’m so in love with stamping, I sit night after night just trying to come up with backgrounds for my stamps. If the voices get any louder, my husband is gonna crown me. He supports me 100% but he will try to tell me there is a limit some day. LOL. I can see this as being more than an obsession.


  18. Your storage looks a little like mine Michelle, but MUCH neater! By the way, I was delighted to see you were featured in the new edition of the Craft Stamper magazine here in the UK.


  19. Dana Booth

    Well, you certainly deserve all of the stamps you have. I only get a chance to stamp here and there so can’t indulge those voices, but you do a fantastic job and provide a lot of inspiration for when my three boys are a little older so I can have a little more time to stamp to my heart’s content 🙂

    Thx for the great blog!


  20. Raine

    Thank you for making me feel SO much better! I also have more stamps than I will EVER be able to use in this lifetime. But I LOVE them all!!!! I’ve unmounted and indexed every single one. They are mostly mounted on cling foam and are stored on the slick cardboard panels. Each panel has an index of each stamp…in a clear sheet protector, with another copy of the index sheet in a notebook. All of these are broken down into catagories…people, floral, mermaids, fairies, etc. (Yeah…I’m just a touch anal!) Fortunately I started this early in my stamp addiction and have been able to keep up with that…mostly. I have 4 file drawers full and some overflow of sets that come in CD jewel cases. I desperately need a new filing cabinet but my hubby said that at some point I have to realize that I can’t defy the laws of physics and put more stuff in my little room. I beg to differ…laws are meant to be broken!


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