Tool Tip – Ink Pads – Storage By Color

How do you store your ink pads, by color?

Since I generally like to select a couple different colors at one time from the same color family, Blues for instance, I store my ink pads by color family.    All my blues from dark to light etc.

This makes selecting a light tone, medium tone and dark tone of the same color very quick and easy.  Besides it is very inspirational looking at the colors lined up in this manner.

The rack I am using is the Stampin’ Up Color Caddy (item #104335) with the extender kit (item #107063).  It holds all of my inks and my reinkers on top.  🙂  You can find these items on page 193 of the 2010/2011 Idea book and catalog.

Below is a picture of the other color families and how I have them organized.


I hope you have found this tool tip useful.  I would love to hear how you store your ink pads and so would many of the readers here.  So let’s hear from you in the comment section.

One more tip for today, if you are looking for one of my past card tutorials, click the link at the top of my blog named, you got it, TUTORIALS.   This will take you to a page with thumbnail size pictures of the cards, click on the card pic and you will be taken to that tutorial.  No need to look back through my posts to find something.  🙂

Until my next post. . .  . .

Huge Hugs,


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29 thoughts on “Tool Tip – Ink Pads – Storage By Color

  1. Debby Peckham

    A big question … HELP! I just purchased the stamp pad rack and it will not hold all twelve trays — only eleven. Do I need the extende package to make it all work? Many thanks Michelle! Love your color selections for storage — makes perfect sense!!


  2. Penny Mull

    Thanks, Michelle, for the great idea on storing the ink pads! I had been storing them by Brights, Subtles, etc. But your idea makes so much more sense, so I re-arranged my ink pads this morning! I love how easy it will be to find blues, pinks, etc. now. Thank you again for this tip! :^) Hugs, Penny


  3. BECKY

    Actually mine aren’t quite as organized but I keep them in a plastic rolling bin that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I keep the SU inks in one door and all my others in another. I am short on space so I bought the SU small sets which are wonderful if you are short on space but want al the wonderful colors. Love the way you organize yours Michelle. I’m a tad jealous. 😉 Hugs, Becky


  4. I do the exact same thing! A lady in my stamp club calls it her ROY G BIV system —- for all the colors of the rainbow. It makes is so nice to see all the colors like that. I don’t have the Stampin’ Up! Color Caddy….yet….it’s on my wish list. Right now I have them stacked on a shelf on my work table. I like to just look at them all organized….hahaha!!!


  5. Lilann

    Until the big change-up with ink at SU occured, I stored my ink pads by families. Then I had that lightbulb moment (for me) and decided to store them by colors….. it sure does save time now.


  6. Colorado

    I don’t have a “real” craft room at this point, so I have to keep most of my supplies in containers of some sort that can be put away. I found the perfect plastic containers to hold my stamp pads in stacks at JoAnns. I’m fairly new to buying SU products, but the first thing I bought was all the ink colors and when I placed them in my plastic containers, I lined them up by color families from lightest to darkest. It just made sense to me to have all of my blues, greens, etc. together so I can choose exactly what I need. If my ink colors were all mixed up it would be too difficult for me to really see exactly what I actually have since I also have many other brands of inks as well as all the SU colors.


  7. Lynne

    Hi Michelle

    Well, I’m certainly having one of the “duh!!!” moments 😉 Never thought about storing my ink pads by colour. Know what my weekend project is going to be; thanks Michelle.

    God Bless,


  8. Judy Davis

    I store mine like you do. I tried storing by family groups and it just didn’t work for me. I have tried te SU caddy however found it wobbled on me and as I turned it would knock other things off the table. So I got some shelving off Ebay that attach to the wall and it works best for me. AND, Michelle, I haven’t told you lately much marvelous your art is and to thank you over and over for taking the time to share your art with all of us.

    Sincerely, Judy


  9. Doris D.

    I started out by storing them by colors. Makes perfect sense. You can see the shades of each color so easily. Now if I could just stamp like you!!!


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  12. Melanie

    I had stored mine by color family since I started stamping. It worked great when I knew all the colors and what was in which color family. But with the recent color renovation, I find it hard since I don’t yet know the colors well. I am going to switch mine around to look just like yours Michelle! Thanks for the great tip!!


  13. Kyla

    Michelle, you have perfect timing in posting this tip. I am in the process of changing my ink pads and cs from color families to this way. Seeing your pictures will definatly help me order them the corrext way. thank so much….Brilliant job!


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