Tool Time – Mat Pack & Piercing Tool

I love my mat pack (Stampin’ Up item number 105826) and piercing tool (Stampin’ Up item number 116631).   I’ve used them so much so I thought I would do a little tool time segment on them.

The mat pack comes with a self healing mat, foam mat and paper piercing template.   The template is priceless.   It keeps those pierced rows of holes in your card stock on the straight and narrow.  🙂

To make a row of pierced holes, put the foam mat on the self healing mat.  Place your card stock on top of the mats and then  just line the template up and poke the piercing tool in the holes on the template.

There is a set of holes on the template that are close together and then another set that are further apart.

There are holes in the template that can be used with a marker to create dots in a row.

The large holes in the template are really to be used lining eyelets up straight.   There are holes that for the smaller eyelets and larger holes for the large eyelets.

Add a white gel pen to make faux stitching with your pierced holes.  Just make a dash in between the pierced holes.

I know there are many uses for these handy tools.  If you want to share your unique use, please share it below in the comments section.

That’s all for today.

Until my next post. . . . . . . . .



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18 thoughts on “Tool Time – Mat Pack & Piercing Tool

  1. Thanks again for all of your tips & tutorials!

    This tool is also great to do real stitching. Instead of making the stitch lines with the gel pen, just use your embroidery floss to see with after you poke the holes. It makes nice even stitch lines. The big holes are great for creating air bubbles. Just trace around the edges with a white gel pen, or even a fine tip marker. You can add a few smaller ones too. Everyone loves bling, and these templates are great to line up individual rhinestones. You can add lots of interest by skipping every other hole for longer stitches, or dropping down to the next layer every other hole to create zigzags. Poke the holes around the edges of a layer, and stitch button-hole stitches with thread or embroidery floss. Create your own cross stitch with the guidelines. You can also use this as a great way to teach your child or grandchild how to sew! I’m sure others have lots of other tips.


  2. Judy Davis

    You are on to something. Stampin Up has some wonderful tools and many people do not realize how helpful a tool could be. Thank you for showing all of us how to use this very helpful tool. I have use it many, many times.



  3. Pingback: sleeping bags: need one for down to 30 degrees….also looking for an air mat or foam mat?

  4. Pansy Fryman

    Use my mat pack almost daily….couldn’t be without it….I have also been known to use the corners of the template to help round corners on cardstock…….
    The candy looks great….would be helpful for an upcoming CArds For the Troops weekend….goes with one of the challenges very well.


  5. Pauline W

    Thank you so much for the great tips on how to use the Mat Pack and Piercing Tool. I don’t use it like I should because I do like the results. I would love the opportunity to win this darling set! Travel safe, Michelle, and as I keep saying I sure hope you make it to the Spokane Washington/Moscow Idaho area sometime!


  6. Gabby

    I am so glad to know that I now have a way to line up my eyelets and maybe even brads! Yah-hoo! Love the faux stitching tip, too. 🙂


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  8. paula nersesian

    Thanks for the great tutorial, Michelle!! Always wondered about the large holes…can’t wait to create something fun. Have a safe journey.


  9. bethann disciascio

    great ideas for using this tool. i don’t have it but can now see how useful it would be. i love your blog and visit daily, have so many of your tutorials ( well…. most of them ) saved and refer to them.


  10. Sonia Rowe

    Michelle, Thanks fo0r the great tips for using the template. I only knew about the top part for piercing. Now I know how to use the whole thing 😉 Got any tips on how to use (assemble) the build a brad ;-)? Love all of your beautiful cards.


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