Chicken Chilly! :)


Nope, this isn’t a Chicken Chili recipe post, lol.  It is a chicken chilly post because it is a chilly 12 degrees this morning in the chicken yard and I just gave the girls and boy some hot oatmeal to eat to warm their bellies.  Yes, I spoil our flock with warm oatmeal on cold mornings.

I have received many requests for an update on my girls (hens).  I haven’t done one for a really long long time, I’ll explain why.


I couldn’t do a chicken post without talking about how our flock has changed considerably over the past 4 months.  My old hens are no longer, it was sad but once a chicken stops laying it is time for them to be processed.  After all, fresh eggs are why we raise chickens.  This was a very hard lesson for Russ and I to learn, being from the city and all, we did not grow up around live stock.  But to continue raising chickens we had to learn that lesson and we did all the processing ourselves.  School of hard knocks!


We replaced the old girls with new chicks that have grown almost to full size now.  They will be laying in February.  I will be so happy to have fresh eggs again. We have had to buy eggs at the store for the past month and a half.  Doesn’t seem right but, we waited to long to process the old flock to make room for the new, another lesson learned.  After all of the hard lessons we learned this year I certainly appreciate every single bite of chicken and every single egg, whether it is from our own flock or from the store.  Society is so very far removed from where our food comes from, Russ and I now have it in perspective.


I haven’t shown you this guy for a long time, he was a fluffy little chick just a few short months ago.  With the 14 hens we have just this one very large rooster, he is a busy guy and a bit camera shy so I had to click this picture of him on the run, lol.

Now that I have this post out of the way, my future chicken posts will be much more lighter in content.  Time for some stamping. .. . . . .


I will be back in a bit with a new project for you so, stay tuned!

Huge Hugs,


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13 thoughts on “Chicken Chilly! :)

  1. Lisa Thompson

    Thank you for the chick update! It brought me back to my childhood and chicken butchering day…my job was to dunk and pluck feathers…yuck! But, the best thing about that day was a fresh batch of fried chicken!! Happy Holidays to you and Russ. Hugs, Lisa


  2. Paula M

    Thank you so much for the update. I visited farms all the time when I was a child, but never really understood the whole system. But, your chickens had a really good life. I really hate the big plant processing. And, I can understand why you didn’t write about them. How you have time to make your gorgeous cards with all you do, is beyond me.


  3. Kathy Liu

    I have been a happy follower of your adventures with your girls, and appreciate the update. It would be a hard lesson to learn when the time came to reduce the flock. I’m glad you shared it with us though, because all of us need to appreciate the truths about where our food comes from. Please continue to tell us about all yourights adventures


  4. Trudie

    Thanks for the update. I can’t imagine how hard it was to do the processing part. Hope you and Russ along with family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  5. deborah essay

    I know the first batch of chickens is hard to say goodbye to…… son also has chickens and one rooster. He also waited…….and had a hard time with having to buy store eggs while the new flock grew up. He also had 2 very bad roosters, that were harming the hens …….he had to process them quickly. It’s all a learning cycle since he also wasn’t raised with live stock. They are food and not pets…….and that is a lesson in itself. I personally couldn’t do it. The chickens would be sleeping in the house when it got too cold LOL with me.
    hugs and Merry Christmas


  6. Another “townie” here…..I always say that if I had to “process” my own food I would end up a vegetarian but suspect that I would miss chicken and beef more than I realize. Hard lesson but it is the way of life. Our DIL grew up on a farm and would laugh at me being silly about chickens! 😉

    Anyway…good to have an update, I expect canning the produce is a much easier thing to do, eh? But I love your chicken stories and look forward to seeing some cards done with Hey Chick….don’t be shy, I KNOW that you’ve probably got it already, right? 😉


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