Tool Time – Stampin’ Up! Clear Mount Stamps

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Have you checked out the Clear Mount Stamps from Stampin’ Up?   Now I said “Clear Mount” not “Clear Stamps”.  These stamps are the same quality Red Rubber Stamps that we have come to expect from Stampin’ Up.  They are just made to be used with a clear block instead permanent wood blocks.  They are also a bit less in cost.  They come in DVD size storage boxes, awesome!   I can store 2 of these sets in the same space that it takes to store one wood mount set in.  Think, double your stamp storage.  You could have double the stamps without your husband catching on, lol.

Now, I haven’t converted over to all clear mounted stamps.  I am just getting the feel for them.  This is actually the first set that I have put together.  I know, where have I been? 

Anyhow, I put this post together so you  can see how they go together.  Check it out!

I’m going to take you through the process of mounting the upper left hand corner stamp.  It says Happy Halloween.   When you get your stamps they will be in a sheet.  You will punch out the stamp you want to use.


See it has a paper backing.  Peel that off.


Now you can see these stamps already have a great foam backing.  No added prep work or expense for you.  🙂


This is the sticker sheet.


Peel the paper backing off of the image you are using.  There is a slit in the middle of the paper backing on each sticker to make this easy. 

Leave it on the sheet, just take the backing off.


Line your stamp up to the outline on the sticker sheet and press firmly.


Lift the stamp up and your sticker is mounted perfectly on the back of the stamp.  This side is what sticks to the acrylic blocks.   When you go to stamp it you can see the image through the block so you know just where it is going to stamp.  🙂  Love that!


The stamps stick to the inside of the case that they come into.  When the case is closed you can see the images through the back of the case also.

dsc04903.JPG   dsc04904.JPG

Now about the clear blocks, you can purchase them from Stampin’ Up! singly, or in a set.  Stampin’ Up also sells this awesome case to store your blocks in.  🙂


Now I’m off to play with my new set of stamps.

Hugs for now,


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4 thoughts on “Tool Time – Stampin’ Up! Clear Mount Stamps

  1. Charly

    Don’t throw away the rubber “waste” sheet! Many of the clear-mount sets include small stamps, and these bitty beauties can get lost easily. When you open the DVD case the jerk can cause the littlest stamps to fly out of the box.

    If you have the large rubber sheet, just peel the backing off of it so it clings to the DVD case. Then fit all your stamps in their holes to keep track of them and to keep them from falling out of the case every time you open it.

    Just a tip from Pam Morgan!


  2. Nancy Beug

    Michelle – I am a convert because of clear mount AND red rubber. I cant wait to order a set of 3 or 4 or 5 🙂

    Charly – What a great idea about keeping the large rubber shett for storage.


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